Freedom and Healing from Emotional Pain Part 2

The bible tells us of a man called Isaac he had 2 sons but of the Jacob and Esau of the two he loved and favored Esau as a result the mother and Jacob were also close. This lack of good parental guidance the two sons became divided and Jacob stole the blessing of his brother Esau. Although God had destined it that it was a dysfunctional family with favoritisms and hate was created.
Like many of us we come from families divided very dysfunctional .I have found that the most common pain in the inside is father issues most fathers were not there or are not there for their children. Growing up without a father or with an always unavailable father affects almost every one of us it may be early in our lives or later on in our lives it will still affect us .We need father figures in our lives ,father pain can as well be the hardest for people to get healed from why because many of us deny it that our fathers wounded us we just needed them to be there .
As we mentioned in the previous part of this series the first part in inner peace and healing is to identify the cause of your pain why are you in pain what caused the pain. I once met this girl I had a word of knowledge and I told her that you lack fatherly love she denied it even rebuked me saying I actually have too much of fatherly love but as time went on she began to see that although her father seemed to be there for her physically he was not really there emotionally and he traveled a lot she thought love was just her father buying things for her well it’s not the case her father had hurt her in so many ways. From there I prayed with her and showed her a father that’s always there.
Almost every one of us have father pain we need to be healed from this kind of pain ,many of us are angry and are not on talking terms with our fathers. We need to release our fathers, mothers and guardians forgive them for hurting us .Most of it we may not even remember why we are angry or in pain. Let it go all that pain say I surrender I let go of all pains of the past I forgive my father I let him off the hook today I say be my father oh God and heal me of all pain today.
Take a moment be quiet before God think of all those that hurt you just let it go ask the Holy Spirit to heal you .It may help to write some of the people that hurt you down and the things you need to be healed from sign your name and release say I let go right now in Jesus name tear the paper or burn it believe that you have forgiven and God has healed you .Talk to him as your father tell him of all that bothers you he is a better father that won’t disappoint you .If father is still alive go see them tell them you love them.0


Freedom and Healing from emotional pain part1

The bible tells us that where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, but sadly we see many Christians that are not free yet they declare themselves to be Christians .Freedom from sin and from pain is essential to every member of the body of Christ.
When Jesus saw the paralytic man that was let down from the roof by his friends and landed at the feet of Jesus ,he said to the man your sins are forgiven .This shows the sickness of the man can be linked to his sins he might have felt unworthy of healing because of sins of the past yet Jesus releases him from that pain caused by sin.
Many of us we may not admit it but we are in pain in our lives we need healing ,we need to be healed maybe from physical pain or emotional pain .We need healing almost every one of us feel this pain in our bodies and in our hearts. If the pain is not addressed in one way or the other it will consume us we may even die from emotional pain alone not to mention the physical pain.
Most of our diseases begin as emotional pain things like blood pressure leading to stroke comes from inward pain hidden and meditated upon for years until it manifests in the physical. Until the cause of the pain is identified and dealt with we may not be able to move forward.
Some of us have tried and have managed to shield the pain to make a mask somehow to cover the pain we have .No matter how hard we may try when we find ourselves alone and on our own we begin to feel sad and in need of company that may soothe the pain for a while. It is when we are alone we feel the most pain we are more vulnerable and prone to attacks of the enemy.
First step in dealing with your pain is for you to reflect on your past and try to identify the area that you think maybe the cause of your pain ,The cause of pain differ from each person some come from lack of fatherly love ,some come from unanswered prayers and some came from the people we loved that hurt us the bottom line is almost all of us have this pain and we feel it every day we know we need freedom and healing from emotional pain.
Oh LORD today help us to identify the area that we have pain help us to discern that which is good and that which wishes to cause us pain. Reveal to us that which keeps bringing us down like the apostle Paul says get read of the things that easily entangle us .Show us our pain for your light examines even the things hidden deep down our souls.
Scripture References

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Walk Of Faith Part 2

Walk of Faith Part 2

Hebrews 4:15: For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are yet without sin, Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace in time of need.

As with any walk if we are not careful we will fall and not reach our destination in time or successfully. We are to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.When others are walking looking sideways we are to remain focused fixing our eyes on Jesus Christ the author and finisher of our faith. lf we by any chance think that faith is rather outside of the person of Jesus Christ we are mistaken. Faith begins with Christ, looks on Christ and finishes with Christ.

All those who have walked the walk of Faith successfully made Christ their all in all knowing that apart from him we can do nothing but with him we can do all things. All the promises of God that are yes and amen are in Christ Jesus making him the center of the church. It is therefore impossible to walk the walk of Faith without putting Christ first in all things.

If We want to succeed in this walk of Faith we have to pursue after Christ seek him and at times we should just receive his grace in our lives, acknowledging that we need you Lord we can not walk on our own lest we fall. Oh that we may walk this walk with victory we need you Jesus Christ. It is easy to neglect the person of Jesus Christ and only long for his Spirit, forgetting that he said when I go l will send you the Spirit, Christ gives the Spirit when we touch him his Spirit will fall on us and heal our broken places.

The walk is not always smooth but Christ says he the Spirit of truth will teach you and remind you of all things. Thank God for Christ and the Holy Spirit they make the walk bearable,for he was tested in all things so he knows the pain of being human thats why we need him we need you Jesus Christ everyday in Jesus name Amen

Walk Of Faith

Walk Of Faith
2Corinthians 5:8
For we walk by faith, not by sight….. and whether we are at home or away we make it our goal to please God.
The walk of faith is for everyone who has believed in our Lord Jesus Christ, notice the scripture say we do not walk by sight but by faith. I believe it means we do not rely on our senses and our sorroundings but we have great confidence in the Lord that he will lead us our we will trust him no matter what it looks like.

The fact that the bible says walk not by sight it shows that it is possible for one to walk by what society or the environment dictates. It is easy to be discouraged when we look at what is going on around us,.Walking by faith may be challenging for many of us for it is stepping out even when you don’t see a way out.

Walking by Faith requires people who trust their God and people who know the love of God, his mercies and his faithfulness. Apostle Paul writes “we were pressed beyond measure we dispaired even of life “thats the walk of faith for you it sometimes gets so hard that quitting seems to be the only way out, but should we quit because things are not looking good? God forbid that we quit we should press on trusting that the Lord will see us through later in the verse Paul says this was done so that we rely not on ourselves but trust him that his love and mercies and not walk by sight.

A relationship with God will lead to trust and Faith. We ought to desire to walk by faith to not believe what people say but rather know that God whom you trust will see you through in Jesus name Amen.

Seek Ye First(Experience God)

Matthew 6 vs 33 But seek ye first the kingdom and his righteousness and everythng shall be added unto you.l now believe if you seek Jesus first you will have a testimony.I woke up in the morning with this words in my mouth the words were we worship God,we know God and we know abt God but have we ever experienced God.l was baffled for a while by those words and then l realised it is true and remembering the dialogue l heard with my brother about a man who was a christian for more than a year but had no testimony of when God answered his prayer.Then it got me thinking that we have over emphasised subject like faith,the scriptures,sin,prosperity and grace and yet we neglect the person of Christ Jesus born of a virgin and who is able to heal,deliver,prosper and make us victors.lf we keep neglecting Christ and the Holy Ghost we will not experience breakthroughs and we wont have testimonies.Finally it was clear to me the reason why we havent experienced God is we have neglected the sacrifice he made for us by giving up his son for us.We have not experienced God because we dont go to him through Jesus the way the truth and the life.We have not experienced God because we dont allow Christ to dwell in our hearts.As long as we dont talk about Jesus we wont see more of God or experience him .Jesus is the only way seek ye first the kingdom and you wil experience God.Let Jesus b your Lord let him lead you he is the way.ln the name of Jesus Amen

A Relationship With God.

Ephesians 4vs 13 Until we all become united in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature,attaining to the whole measure of Christ.Then we will no longer be children tossed back and forth by every teaching of men.Now this is a powerful part of scripture that every child of God needs to survive.l think one of the first sermon l preached was every Christian should have a relationship with God the father ,the son and the Holy Spirit especially for he lives in us.lts not enough to just read the word and know we are heirs and co-heirs with Christ then we just relax.The fact that God chose to dwell in us and not in animals is evidence already that he wants a relationship with us based on unity,trust ,faith and love.God is our father thats why he requires us to come to him with every burden and sometimes he just wants us to just talk to him even in any place.l remember when l had a tight schedule at work l would pray while walking to work because l could start my day without saying good morning God the father,son and Holy Spirit.Now for any relationship to be there action is needed if you dont take time to talk to God and come to the knowledge of him they will be know relationship,to start talking,praying or listening to the Holy Spirit you need faith first that there is a God who loves me ,my father and that hears and answers my prayer.The best way to establish a relationship that last in not to ask first but rather just come into his presence in humility,faith and believing prayer.Worship and honour him more than you ask of him then after some time of doing this your spirit man will adjust and it becomes part of you to love and honour God then he will make you grow in faith and become mature that you may not be deceived by some teachings because you know him you have been with him in Jesus name l pray Amen.

Don’t Lose Hope

Romans 5 v7 5 And hope does not dissapoint,For God has poured his love in our heart through the Holy spirit he has given us.Over the years l have seen people losing hope and some have even lost their faith in Jesus Christ .Their hope of good things has been lost .There is an old saying that is used in Africa they say it is hard like being a christian of which it is not true .If your Christianity is based on wanting to gain something from God then you might be wrong the bible says seek ye first the kingdom and righteousness and everything else will be added unto us.Now going back to the issue of hope don’t lose hope your time is coming and God will answer your prayers.Losing hope is not of God and some people even say the answer of God tarries but thats not entirely true .When you believe and ask the will of God to be done in your life.You must not lose hope my brother and my sister God will answer your prayers.lf your answer from God is tarrying you might want to apply ephesians 6 put on the whole armour of God because its most likely that God has released you but the enemy has stolen your blessing and what he want you to do is to lose faith and hope,why because the bible says the just shall live by faith.Don’t lose hope God loves you and through Christ begin to claim your blessings,seek and trust God first and everthing shall be added unto you keep believing your testimony is coming soon dont lose hope .