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How To Pray In The Spirit.

Romans 8 vs 26 Likewise the Spirit also helps our weaknesses for we know not what we should pray for as we ought:but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us as with groanings that can not be uttered.And he that searches the hearts knows the mind of Spirit,because he makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.Now it is very important for us to pray in the Spirit.Many believe that praying in the Spirit is only praying in tongues but l would say its not entirely true.Now praying in the Spirit is when your soul,body and spiritman are connected with the Spirit of God whilst you are praying in tongues.So how do we pray in the Spirit or rather how do we allow the Spirit to pray for us?lts very easy you must come to God in humility humbling yourself so that the Spirit can lift you up.2)Focus on Christ that is you close your eyes and look at the goodness of Christ.3)Relax and say Holy Spirit help me pray.4)Prepare your heart to pray5)Release your tongues or words from the heart and keep praying.As you do this you will find that the Spirit has now taken over you are now connected tongues are coming out and you are in the Spirit some wl even fall but some dont.Some prefer to pray in the Spirit after a powerful worship songs at church.Most people are likely to pray in the Spirit at church.The Lord was making me see what hinders praying in the Spirit.1)when we dont focus when praying.2)Doubting God and ourselves.3)Lack of worship and worship time.4)Sin when we didnt confess our sins.5)When we are not delivered demons know that praying in the Spirit is very powerful so they attack our Spirituality so that we dont enter into the Spiritual realm.6)When we have not been baptized with the Holy Ghost it becomes hard to pray in the spirit.That is to say if we do not speak in other tongues the Spiritual language you need tongues.So if we do these things its easy now for the Spirit to pray for us interceding for us and helping our weaknesses.If our spiritman is weak we cant really move into the spirit so by sacrificing ourself to God through prayer,fasting and medidation we build our inner man enabling the Spirit of God to take over.Oh Lord l ask that the Holy spirit helps us and pray for us and may he search our hearts to draw us close to you in Jesus name Amen.


Be patient

James 5 vs 7 Be patient therefore,brethren,unto the coming of the Lord.Behold ,the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth,and hath long patience for it,until he receive the early and latter rain.Be ye also patient stablish your hearts:for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.Take ,my brethren ,the prophets,who have spoken in the name of the Lord ,for an example of suffering affliction and of patience.Behold,we count them happy which endure.Ye have heard the patience of Job ,and have seen the end of the Lord that the Lord is very pitiful,and of tender mercy.Now l beloved l have not much to say but to tell you that be patient and be faithful unto God he will answer you soon.For if you are serious about sanctification and meeting the Lord in the heaven.You can expect to experience heart wrenching movement that try your faith,your endurance and your patience.Let us be patient and wait upon the Lord but at the same time patience is not lack of action but it is the willingness to stay where we are and live the situation out to the full believing that something good or hidden is about to manifest itself.Let us be patient waiting upon God look at Job the Lord blessed him double after waiting upon him in patience.God will make a way for you just wait believing on him for your miracle.Be patient also knowing that our Lord is coming soon.And he will crush satan under your feet.Let us be patient till he comes to save us.Oh Lord l pray that we may endure hardship and be patient knowing that we shall receive of your promises in Jesus name.Amen.Help us to wait upon you and be faithful till you come in Jesus name Amen.

How to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Romans 8 vs 14 For those that are led by the Spirit are the sons of God.The Spirit himself testifies that we are the children of God.Now beloved after having been baptized by the Holy Spirit there and being filled with the Holy Spirit the question remains how do l get the Holy Spirit to lead me?Now the key here is to surrender to the Holy Spirit ,humble yourself come to him with all your surrender .When you allow him to lead you he will lead you .You need to surrender to the Holy Spirit and say lead me ,come whole heartedly unto him asking him to lead you.Now the Holy Spirit is in you so when your conciense tells you something it is mostly the Holy Spirit talking to you.So you need to start listening to your heart try out in small matters and see what your conciense tells you .You will be amazed at how often the Holy Spirit wants to talk to you.To some people when you feel maybe an uneasyness about a decision it is the Holy Spirit talking to starts as simple as that if u remain attentive to that voice over time you will hear him often.As for me at first when l wanted to hear him speak l would pray and then be silent and l would here in my heart a small still voice saying l love you my Son l would rejoice and be thankful for that over time l was now able to ask and talk to him letting him lead me always.The probIem is most people want to start hearing the Holy Spirit when in trouble it starts with the small things.What you must do to be led is avail yourself surrender ask him to lead you.Everyone who has received the Holy Spirit has the capacity to hear him but it takes a humble,attentive and obedient person to hear him speak.Avail yourself be willing to let him lead you commit your life to him and say l need you Holy Spirit to lead me.I need consistent communication with you believing in your heart and see what happens.Oh Holy Spirit we love you today we ask you to communicate with us we avail ourselves today in Jesus mighty name .Lead us and be with us every hour in Jesus name Amen.

Be Filled With The Holy Ghost

Acts 4 vs 31 And when they had prayed the place was shaken where they were assembled together,and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost,and they spake the word of God with boldness.Now beloved if we look in acts chapter 2 u wl find that the disciples and other believers had received the Holy Ghost and power as promised by Jesus Christ that was a powerful experience.But in chapter 4 we find that they were again filled with the Holy Ghost,so at first the were baptized with the Holy Ghost.This goes to suggest these are too different things that are very essential to every christian.Now because the disciples had received some threats and persecutions.They now needed to be filled with the Holy Ghost so that fear may be removed from their hearts and minds giving the boldness to preach the word.Many of us have been baptized with the Holy Ghost but we are not filled with the Holy Ghost.When we are filled with the Holy Ghost it means our spiritman,mind,soul and body is renewed by God the Spirit of God has now saturated our who being we will now have boldness.We will now be able to move more into the Spiritual realm also having the fruit of the Spirit,Now because we are saturated by the Spirit we will no longer please the flesh but the Spirit.Stephen was a man of full of Faith and the Holy Ghost he was a gud man and evidently we see why he is said to be filled with the Spirit.Unlike baptism of the Holy Ghost to be filled with the spirit is a continual process.Thats why today we find christian that claim to have the Spirit and they speak in tongues but yet they have fear,they doubt the power of God,they dont testify about Christ and they dont have faith at all in themselves.they are not filled or rather saturated with the Spirit so the power that came with the baptism does not manifest in their lives.We need to be filled with the Holy Ghost.How then are we filled with the Spirit?We are filled with the Spirit by praying in faith believing allowing the Spirit to saturate you though some may be filled by being prayed for by a man of God.To some you have to pray fervently but to some in gentleness asking God to fill you with the Spirit renewing your strength .l would advice meditation on the word before praying to be filled with the Spirit.Oh God l pray that each and every one be filled with the Holy Ghost.we need renewal of strength that comes by being filled with the Spirit in Jesus name Amen.

Love fulfills the Law

Romans 13vs 9 ….the whole law is summed up in this saying,Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.Love does not mistreat its neighbor ,therefore love if the fulfiling of the law.Now beloved the Apostle Paul writes inspired by God that the law is summarised by love.So what then is love?Now we can not really seek to explain love but love doing unto others,sacrificing for the joy of others,being concerned about others above all its showing your care for others by giving to others.Jesus explain Love by the parable of the good samaritan who helped the man from Jerusalem a man that he didnt know but he took notice of what he needed and took care of it. He sacrificed his journey to help a man on the street now thats love .Sacrificing for the joy of others.Some would ask how do l show love to others?1)by taking intrest in the problems of others 2)Giving to the needy and homeless even our own family.3)help people even in buses offer to help.4)be kind for a change to mention but a few.First we should show love for our families then it wil overflow to others.You might observe the whole law but without love we are nothing,just like the rich young ruler Jesus said unto him you know the law do it.then he replied l have done that ,then Jesus said go and sell your possesions and give to the poor.So love fulfills the law even if you. have nothing just saying l love you to friends,family and others makes a difference.Father l pray that we may love one another and you mostly in Jesus name Amen.

Heavenly vision (Love is the Greatest)

Love is the greatest.1 John 4vs Beloved ,let us love one another:for love is of God,and every one that loveth is born of God ,and, knoweth God.He that loveth not God,for God is love.Now beloved the Lord has been talking to me for some time now and he has led to talk about faith and love.The bible tells us that love is the greatest so l set out to find out why love is the greatest.Then one day when l was praying in the night l saw a vision of myself in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ .He was so glorious so much light was around him l could not look on him.Immediately l saw him l felt his love for mankind overwhelming me l started to cry.Then when l looked up l saw many people man and women l asked Lord who are these many why are they so close to you”.Then a powerful voice yet filled with grace,love and truth said to me ”l want to show you the rewards and lives of men and women who had love and showed love to my people on earth.Then l was taken to a house a mansion .l have never seen such beauty in a house .This heavenly mansion belonged to an African American man .The Lord opened my eyes and l saw his days on the earth he was a good man who always showed love to everyone he met ,he gave to the poor in love ,he loved his family above all he loved God.At some point he would give his last money to the poor.This man was made righteous because of love,he gave all he had to the needy and God rewarded him in heaven.His mansion was a total beauty his couches were made with gold the walls were made out of diamond and all of his property was made out of precious stones.l saw all the deeds of love that this man did on earth he loved people and God.The Father in Heaven rewarded him .Then the Lord said to me”go and tell my people what you have seen love is the greatest .Then l got out of the vision then l was back in my prayer room .So men and women let us learn to love one another and above all love God.ln Jesus name Amen .

Love one another

Matthew 5vs 43 Ye have heard that it has been said ,thou shalt love thy neighbor and hate thine enemy.But l say unto you,love your enemies,bless those that curse you,do good to them that hate you,and pray for them which despitefully use you.That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven:for he maketh his to rise on the good and on the evil,and he send rain to the just and unjust .For if ye love them which love you,what reward have ye?do not even the publicans do that?Be ye therefore perfect ,even as your Father in heaven is perfect.As l meditated upon scripture l was led to talk about love.Many of us have read or heard about this portion of scripture,but only a few have executed the message thereof.The Apostle Paul says in 1 corithians 13 that love is the greatest.If we look at the messages of our Lord Jesus when he walked the earth mainly it was that of love he even said the greatest commandment l give you is love one another.We need to love others and by God guidance l have learnt that those who love have a greater reward than those who prayed more.Thats why in one of Jesus’s teaching he said ” l will tell them you saw me hungry but you didnt feed me ,l was naked and you didnt clothe me” and this goes to show that we ought to love others if we love others we will be like our Father in Heaven who loves and is perfect.Without love we can operate in the gifts but not to the extent that God wants you to be.let us love everyone even our enemies.We can never love enough.Oh Lord l pray that we may be able to love one another so that we may be perfect as our Father in heaven in Jesus name Amen.