Wells Of Living Waters

Genesis 21vs 19 And God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water and she went and filled the bottle and gave her son to drink. Now beloved a few days ago wen l was praying the Lord showed me a well of water but to my surprise people were not getting or noticing the well. l said Lord why is it like saw then l was referred to the word.I gathered that in general wells signify life no well no life.If we do not discover or notice the wells in our lives like Hagar did we may not succeed in anything we should pray that God will open our eyes that we may see the wells of blessings and goodness in our lives. Again Isaac’s wells were closed by the enemy .Meaning his source of life was closed. If u are having some difficulties were u used to succeed the enemy has closed your source of life and u need to pray fervently breaking the power of the enemy over your well.So brethren identify your well if u have not ask the Lord to open your eyes that u may see the blessing and the favour of God upon your life.If u know that your well has bin closed pray fervently destroying the works of the enemy. But above all we should we should ask of the well that Jesus spoke of in John 4vs14 u need a well in your life that u draw from . Oh Lord l pray that we may identify the wells in our lives so that we may enjoy your favour and blessing in Jesus name l pray Amen.

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