The Cross Of Christ

 Colossians 1vs20 And having made peace thru the blood of his cross by him to reconcile all things unto himself. Now beloved l want to talk to u about the Cross.Many of us think that the Cross only works wen we first believe.Many do not know the importance of the cross 2day.So let me say this the basis of receiving from God is based on the finished works of Christ ,The cross gives us access to the spiritual blessings that are in Christ Jesus.The cross teaches us to love as our father in Heaven.When we believe in the cross we acknowledge that Christ is Lord over us therefor we ought to follow his example thus doing his will and being his disciples.The cross give us fellowship sharing with Christ as co heirs.After acknowledging the Cross we also need to take up our cross thus denying self and submitting to Jesus doing his will also.The cross is very important even in our everyday life wen we sin just go back to the Cross were u were bought with a precious price.Oh Lord l pray that we acknowledge the Cross were we where saved by our king and saviour remembering everyday your love and your grace revealed to us .Help us know that all is finished at the Cross in Jesus name Amen.

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