The Power To Overcome

1 John 4 vs4 Ye are of God,and have overcame them:because greater is he that is in you than he that is the world.Now beloved need l to remind u that u have Christ in you the king of kings,the almighty God,all powerful,the great “I Am” and any other name u know him by.John here says u have overcame them because u carry Christ.them here refers to the adversaries namely demons ,unclean spirits and the troubles of this world we have overcame because Christ is powerful than any demon tormenting than any troubles and situation u are going thru.So why is it we are so afraid yet we have Christ?Why is it we don’t seem to know what we have in us?The thing is we know that we have Christ but we don’t seem to believe that he is greater than our problems.Well he surely is greater .But it takes a christian who believes to see his greatness.It takes total confidence in the power of God to see great things being done in our lives. If we say greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world then let us believe in our hearts and have faith in his power to make us overcomers.If we can realize how great God is then we are home and dry we will see his power indeed.Oh Lord l pray that we believe that u are greater than we think and help us to have faith in your power to make us overcomers in Jesus name Amen.

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