The Spirit of Truth

John 16 v 13 When he ,the Spirit of truth ,is come he shall guide you into all the truth:for he shall not speak of himself,but whatsoever he shall hear,that shall he speak:and he will show you things to come.Beloved the bible here is talking about the Holy Spirit who is part of the trinity and he also lives in us.Jesus says he will guide us in all truth this is just great God sent his Spirit to guide us,teach us,fellowship with us and speak as God in us. Which means that revelation of scripture is given by the Holy Spirit . But in all this l have learned that the Holy Spirit will not lead you if u don’t honour him and love him to lead you put as he is God in us. You have to let him lead you fellowship with him.When you acknowledge that you really need him to lead you and surrender to him. Then you have to listen to him he is in us so he speaks from within the still small voice and as u listen more often it will become very clear.We have to be conscious of him he will surely guide us .Say to him guide me lead me teach me and he will.Count on him for he is here for this very thing. And when such difficulties as lack of understanding or lack of faith confront address it directly to the Lord .”Lord ,open my eyes.Make this clear to me help my unbelief and he will not let such prayers go unheeded.Oh Holy Spirit we honour you and we pray that you take control in our lives guide us into all truth in Jesus name .Amen.

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