Test of faith

James 1 vs 2 – 4 Brethren count it all joy when you fall into many temptations.Knowing this,that the trying of your faith worketh patience.But let patience have her perfect work ,that ye may be perfect and mature ,wanting nothing.Nw as a human being this could be the hardest thing to do how can l count it all joy when lam hungry,financialy strained,jobless,deeply in trouble or poor.To be honest its not easy when u do it using your own strength bt rather in that situation you should ask the Holy Spirit to give u the joy of the Lord.Truly brethren if our faith is not put to the test how will we then grow in faith.Trials test our faith that of course u say you belong to Christ but do u do when all things seem to be not moving most of us have cursed God during trials not knowing that trials make us mature and perfect before God.Look if Jesus was tempted who are we to curse God when tempted.Thats why its important to know your position in Christ that you are more than a conqueror through him so that you know what to say when tempted.Listen God loves you so much but you have to stand firm in your faith in him.God is looking for men and women who can say lam not worried of tommorrow for my God is able .People who will profess to be winners even when losing happy even in the darkest of hours.Knowing that God will make away that God is perfecting them for whats to come many have asked me how do l increase my faith here is your answer count it all joy when in trouble and God will do the rest counting it all joy shows u’re believing God for a miracle .Holy Spirit please help us to count it all joy when our faith is tested in Jesus name Amen.


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