Why worry ?

Grace and peace unto you today.Matthew 6 vs 27 Which of you by worrying has added one hour to his life.31 (For worrying abt tommorrow is what the unbelievers do)but your heavenly Father knows what you have need of.Nw beloved these are the words of the king of kings Lord Jesus.Why then do worry ?what is worry ?Worry is when we think too much about wats to cme to the extend of not focusing well(depressed).Worrying has never solved anythng and wl never do.When we worry we instill fear in ourselves thereby losing faith.When we lose faith it means we have no confidence in the provision of God.When we doubt the provision of God it means he can not provide for us because we dnt believe he can.Worrying wont solve anything but having faith will solve everything.We worry because we doubt we doubt because we dont believe God will do it for us.God knows what we wants and need all he wants from us is to have a total confidence in his provision(Faith).Have faith in him trust he will do it 4 u.Why dont u say instead of worrying l would rather pray a prayer of faith .Dont just worry have faith in him he will do it for you today.Whatever u are going thru have faith he will help you .Oh Lord l pray that u may remove worry frm us that we may be able to have faith in ur power to Provide for our every need in Jesus name l pray Amen.


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