The Breastplate and the Helmet .

1 Thessalonians 5 vs 8 But since we belong to the day let us be self controlled putting on Faith and Love as a breastplate and the Hope of salvation as a helmet.Now beloved we belong to the household of light meaning we are of God.The Apostle Paul says let us be self controlled .He speak of the most essential elements of the christian of today.Full of Faith guided by faith,walking by faith,led by faith ,guarded by faith .The heart being the most essential part of the body thats why its the breastplate of faith.Love also is from the heart and it needs to be in sincerity and in truth thus a breastplate that is very important for the protectiön of a soilder of Jesus Christ.Hope of salvation this is also very essential to the christian of today without hope of being saved by Jesus Christ we are powerless without the hope that we shall see Jesus Christ and be with him in heaven.Thus Christ is the hope of glory in us he is our salvation.With these three essential elements our goal of meeting with Christ in the heavens is sure.Because we have faith and love as a breastplate ,hope as a helmet and we are self controlled.We have confidence in his power(faith)and we love God and man we also have Christ the hope of salvation .l assure you we will see the day of the Lord Jesus .Oh Lord l pray that we may be self controlled having faith,love and hope always in Jesus name Amen.


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