Heavenly vision (Love is the Greatest)

Love is the greatest.1 John 4vs Beloved ,let us love one another:for love is of God,and every one that loveth is born of God ,and, knoweth God.He that loveth not God,for God is love.Now beloved the Lord has been talking to me for some time now and he has led to talk about faith and love.The bible tells us that love is the greatest so l set out to find out why love is the greatest.Then one day when l was praying in the night l saw a vision of myself in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ .He was so glorious so much light was around him l could not look on him.Immediately l saw him l felt his love for mankind overwhelming me l started to cry.Then when l looked up l saw many people man and women l asked Lord who are these many why are they so close to you”.Then a powerful voice yet filled with grace,love and truth said to me ”l want to show you the rewards and lives of men and women who had love and showed love to my people on earth.Then l was taken to a house a mansion .l have never seen such beauty in a house .This heavenly mansion belonged to an African American man .The Lord opened my eyes and l saw his days on the earth he was a good man who always showed love to everyone he met ,he gave to the poor in love ,he loved his family above all he loved God.At some point he would give his last money to the poor.This man was made righteous because of love,he gave all he had to the needy and God rewarded him in heaven.His mansion was a total beauty his couches were made with gold the walls were made out of diamond and all of his property was made out of precious stones.l saw all the deeds of love that this man did on earth he loved people and God.The Father in Heaven rewarded him .Then the Lord said to me”go and tell my people what you have seen love is the greatest .Then l got out of the vision then l was back in my prayer room .So men and women let us learn to love one another and above all love God.ln Jesus name Amen .


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