Love fulfills the Law

Romans 13vs 9 ….the whole law is summed up in this saying,Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.Love does not mistreat its neighbor ,therefore love if the fulfiling of the law.Now beloved the Apostle Paul writes inspired by God that the law is summarised by love.So what then is love?Now we can not really seek to explain love but love doing unto others,sacrificing for the joy of others,being concerned about others above all its showing your care for others by giving to others.Jesus explain Love by the parable of the good samaritan who helped the man from Jerusalem a man that he didnt know but he took notice of what he needed and took care of it. He sacrificed his journey to help a man on the street now thats love .Sacrificing for the joy of others.Some would ask how do l show love to others?1)by taking intrest in the problems of others 2)Giving to the needy and homeless even our own family.3)help people even in buses offer to help.4)be kind for a change to mention but a few.First we should show love for our families then it wil overflow to others.You might observe the whole law but without love we are nothing,just like the rich young ruler Jesus said unto him you know the law do it.then he replied l have done that ,then Jesus said go and sell your possesions and give to the poor.So love fulfills the law even if you. have nothing just saying l love you to friends,family and others makes a difference.Father l pray that we may love one another and you mostly in Jesus name Amen.


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