Be Filled With The Holy Ghost

Acts 4 vs 31 And when they had prayed the place was shaken where they were assembled together,and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost,and they spake the word of God with boldness.Now beloved if we look in acts chapter 2 u wl find that the disciples and other believers had received the Holy Ghost and power as promised by Jesus Christ that was a powerful experience.But in chapter 4 we find that they were again filled with the Holy Ghost,so at first the were baptized with the Holy Ghost.This goes to suggest these are too different things that are very essential to every christian.Now because the disciples had received some threats and persecutions.They now needed to be filled with the Holy Ghost so that fear may be removed from their hearts and minds giving the boldness to preach the word.Many of us have been baptized with the Holy Ghost but we are not filled with the Holy Ghost.When we are filled with the Holy Ghost it means our spiritman,mind,soul and body is renewed by God the Spirit of God has now saturated our who being we will now have boldness.We will now be able to move more into the Spiritual realm also having the fruit of the Spirit,Now because we are saturated by the Spirit we will no longer please the flesh but the Spirit.Stephen was a man of full of Faith and the Holy Ghost he was a gud man and evidently we see why he is said to be filled with the Spirit.Unlike baptism of the Holy Ghost to be filled with the spirit is a continual process.Thats why today we find christian that claim to have the Spirit and they speak in tongues but yet they have fear,they doubt the power of God,they dont testify about Christ and they dont have faith at all in themselves.they are not filled or rather saturated with the Spirit so the power that came with the baptism does not manifest in their lives.We need to be filled with the Holy Ghost.How then are we filled with the Spirit?We are filled with the Spirit by praying in faith believing allowing the Spirit to saturate you though some may be filled by being prayed for by a man of God.To some you have to pray fervently but to some in gentleness asking God to fill you with the Spirit renewing your strength .l would advice meditation on the word before praying to be filled with the Spirit.Oh God l pray that each and every one be filled with the Holy Ghost.we need renewal of strength that comes by being filled with the Spirit in Jesus name Amen.


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