How to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Romans 8 vs 14 For those that are led by the Spirit are the sons of God.The Spirit himself testifies that we are the children of God.Now beloved after having been baptized by the Holy Spirit there and being filled with the Holy Spirit the question remains how do l get the Holy Spirit to lead me?Now the key here is to surrender to the Holy Spirit ,humble yourself come to him with all your surrender .When you allow him to lead you he will lead you .You need to surrender to the Holy Spirit and say lead me ,come whole heartedly unto him asking him to lead you.Now the Holy Spirit is in you so when your conciense tells you something it is mostly the Holy Spirit talking to you.So you need to start listening to your heart try out in small matters and see what your conciense tells you .You will be amazed at how often the Holy Spirit wants to talk to you.To some people when you feel maybe an uneasyness about a decision it is the Holy Spirit talking to starts as simple as that if u remain attentive to that voice over time you will hear him often.As for me at first when l wanted to hear him speak l would pray and then be silent and l would here in my heart a small still voice saying l love you my Son l would rejoice and be thankful for that over time l was now able to ask and talk to him letting him lead me always.The probIem is most people want to start hearing the Holy Spirit when in trouble it starts with the small things.What you must do to be led is avail yourself surrender ask him to lead you.Everyone who has received the Holy Spirit has the capacity to hear him but it takes a humble,attentive and obedient person to hear him speak.Avail yourself be willing to let him lead you commit your life to him and say l need you Holy Spirit to lead me.I need consistent communication with you believing in your heart and see what happens.Oh Holy Spirit we love you today we ask you to communicate with us we avail ourselves today in Jesus mighty name .Lead us and be with us every hour in Jesus name Amen.


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