How To Pray In The Spirit.

Romans 8 vs 26 Likewise the Spirit also helps our weaknesses for we know not what we should pray for as we ought:but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us as with groanings that can not be uttered.And he that searches the hearts knows the mind of Spirit,because he makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.Now it is very important for us to pray in the Spirit.Many believe that praying in the Spirit is only praying in tongues but l would say its not entirely true.Now praying in the Spirit is when your soul,body and spiritman are connected with the Spirit of God whilst you are praying in tongues.So how do we pray in the Spirit or rather how do we allow the Spirit to pray for us?lts very easy you must come to God in humility humbling yourself so that the Spirit can lift you up.2)Focus on Christ that is you close your eyes and look at the goodness of Christ.3)Relax and say Holy Spirit help me pray.4)Prepare your heart to pray5)Release your tongues or words from the heart and keep praying.As you do this you will find that the Spirit has now taken over you are now connected tongues are coming out and you are in the Spirit some wl even fall but some dont.Some prefer to pray in the Spirit after a powerful worship songs at church.Most people are likely to pray in the Spirit at church.The Lord was making me see what hinders praying in the Spirit.1)when we dont focus when praying.2)Doubting God and ourselves.3)Lack of worship and worship time.4)Sin when we didnt confess our sins.5)When we are not delivered demons know that praying in the Spirit is very powerful so they attack our Spirituality so that we dont enter into the Spiritual realm.6)When we have not been baptized with the Holy Ghost it becomes hard to pray in the spirit.That is to say if we do not speak in other tongues the Spiritual language you need tongues.So if we do these things its easy now for the Spirit to pray for us interceding for us and helping our weaknesses.If our spiritman is weak we cant really move into the spirit so by sacrificing ourself to God through prayer,fasting and medidation we build our inner man enabling the Spirit of God to take over.Oh Lord l ask that the Holy spirit helps us and pray for us and may he search our hearts to draw us close to you in Jesus name Amen.


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