Faith and Faithfulness

Hebrews 11vs 4 By Faith Abel offered unto God a more excelent sacrifice than which he obtained witness that he was righteous ,God testfying of his gifts:and by it he being dead yet speaketh.Now beloved here we find a man who had faith that even God himself accepted his sacrifice and made him righteous by faith.From the bible we learn that Abel was faithful to God whereas Cain was not and his heart became evil.Now the point l want to get here if faith without faithfulness is dead.The fact that Abel was faithful in his sacrifice God honoured that.He sacrificed to God the gift in faith ,he believed the Lord deserves good sacrifices.You will find that all heroes of Faith were faithful to God and they sacrificed their time and gift to God.lf these man were not faithful but just believed they would have fallen along the way.l have heard almost every christian l have met saying l have faith but if you look you will find that there are not faithful to God.What then is faithfulness?lt is abiding in the word,doing what the Lord says in his word,praying always,listening to the Holy Spirit,seeking to please God by not living in sin ,paying tithes and loving one another through faith.lf we are faithful it means we believe God ,if we are faithful it means we love God and it means we trust and know whom we have believed in.Faith and faithfulness works together its like when we say faith without works is dead.Abel was made righteous by faith that came by being faithful in his sacrifice.We need to be faithful for us to be able to fully stand to say we have faith otherwise we will not see more of God’s blessing.Abraham was faithful to God that is to say he showed his faith by giving lssac as a sacrifice and even listening to God and leaving his kindred behind in Chaldea.Let us show our faith by being faithful to God.Noah was faithful in that he walked without sin in a sinful nation and God allowed him to build and the ark saying he had faith he was made righteous.Oh Lord l pray that we may be faithful unto you always in Jesus name Amen.


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