Living And Walking With The Spirit.

Galatians 5vs25 lf we live by the Spirit,let us also walk in the Spirit.Now my beloved having established the fact that we need to be filled by the Holy Ghost and led by him there is a phase were by we must reach that is called living and walking in the Spirit.Now when we live by the Spirit it means that we depend on the Spirit to live our life.When we live by the Spirit our decisions ,ideas and moves include him infact we make them together since we live by him.That is to say the Spirit will enable you to live a lyf pleasing to God filled with fruits.Walking in the Spirit is more like walking with the Spirit that is to say everywhere you go you acknowledge his presence,When you are faced with tough decisions he will calm you down because you are walking with him,you will not be afraid because you know he is walking with you.Its more like he influences most of your walking if he says dont walk you wont walk.When you walk with him you will find yourself protected at times you will find yourself not moving for no reason he z telling you not to move.When you walk with him you will know that God is able to do all things.When you live by him you will be worried if he does not speak even for a day why because you live by him he is your source of How then do we live and walk in the Spirit 1)by praying that he fills us daily.2)Ask him through prayer to walk with you and live with you.3)Connect with him through a prayer made in tongues.4)Allow him to walk with you by listening to the inner voice.5)Live a righteous life and desire to grow spiritually .6)Get used to praying in the spirit stay in cöntact with the spirit respect and honour his presence.Now beloved if we walk and live by the spirit of God we will not fulfill the desires of the flesh and everyday we will anticipate God talking to us.It is the will of God for us to be fully led by the Holy Ghost.As you live and walk with him it becomes easier to pray for others and move into realms of the Spirit. oh how l love the feeling of living and walking with God all l do l know he l can ask him and he is a part of it. Let us desire to live and walk by the Spirit .Living in him we acknowledge he is God in us then we ask him to walk with us.Oh Holy Ghost we pray in Jesus name we ask you to live with us and walk with us in Jesus name Amen.


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