How to have a relationship with God.

2 Corithians 6vs 16 ……l will dwell in them ,and walk in them and l will be their God,and they shall be my people.18.And will be unto you a Father and you shall be my sons and daughters says the Lord Almighty.Now beloved these are the words of God the Father himself.Now the purpose of Christ was to reconcile all man with God.When the first man sinned contact and a relationship with God the Father was lost but Jesus came and reconciled us with the Father in heaven.Now because we have a relationship with the Father it needs to be strengthened just as other relationships we have.I know people talk about getting deep in the Spirit and being led and so forth but hear me say without a relationship with God we cant move as deep as we want to.So How then do we develop a relationship with the Father?okay let me try and simplify it just as we have a relationship with your loved one.1)Through faith in Christ 2)By praying to God often.3)By studying the word.4)Spend time worshiping God not asking for anything.5)Do what he says in his word.6)Tell him as often as you can that you are incomplete without him.7)Trust him just as every relationship is based on trust so it is with God.A relationship with anyone takes time so be patient work on it daily.Now fatherly love is very important when you observe and do these points you will find out God loves you so much.Seek him show him you love him more than anyone by spending time with him you will find that he loves you .Draw unto him and see.Faithfulness is essential do everything whole hearteadly believing in your heart.Now when we have worked on our relationship with him you will find that without asking God will provide since he is now a Father.Seek to know more about him and he will take care of the rest. This is the most important relationship you can be in.Worship and praise him often just as you do to your love but this is through Christ and Holy Ghost.When we develop this christianity will be easier.Communication is important talk to him.Oh Lord l pray that we may be able to develop our relationship with you and love you more each day in Jesus name Amen.


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