How to have Personal Revelation of Christ.

Philipians 3vs 10 That l may know him,and the power of his ressurrection,and the fellowship of his suffering.Brethren ,l count not myself to have apprehended:but this one thing l do,forgetting those things which are behind,and reaching forth unto those things that are forward.Now beloved many of us have received Christ and l say thats good.But it does not end there after receiving him have you known him .Now in this portion of scripture Paul says so that l may know him ,I believe that the knowing he is talking about is a personal revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ.Having received him we ought to have a personal revelation of Jesus Christ.So how does one have a personal revelation of Jesus or rather a personal relationship with Jesus.Ok let me give a few points.1)You need to read the word of God.2) be faithful to him(prayer,tithes and offerings)3)Receive the Holy Ghost .4)Yield to the Holy Spirit 5)Avail yourself to God.6)Be humble before God let him lift you up.Just like a child wanting the love of a father the child will want to stay close to the Father doing his will to gain his favor.Now a personal revelation comes through how much time we spend with him,how faithful we are and above all through the Holy Spirit.Learn from the Holy Ghost pray that he teaches you to know Christ and the Father in Heaven.Humble yourself saying Holy Spirit give a me a personal revelation of Christ.Paul also says he has not attained it which means personal revelation is continous process guided by the Holy Ghost.l love to know more about God l need a personal relationship with him in fact everyone does.Oh Lord l pray today Holy Spirit help us to have a personal relationship with God oh Jesus we want to know you personally reveal yourselves to us that we may know you evermore.In Jesus name we pray Amen.


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