Loving The Lord Your God.

Deutronomy 11 vs 13 lf you obey my commands and be faithful,To love the Lord your God and serve him with all your heart,strength and soul.Now beloved this is the most important thing can do.We should love the Lord our God with all our hearts and soul.This should be the first priority of everyone of us.When the Apostle Paul says love is the greatest he is not only refering to the love for others but also for the Love we have for God.Loving God is good and it helps you to experience more of his grace and mercy.In this verse the Lord was talking to the lsraelites and further below in the chapter God promises them many things just by loving him with all their heart and soul.So how then do we love God ?We will learn how to love God in the word 2)From the Holy Spirit .3)By spending time with him through prayer.Just as we love other people we should love God more than we love our loved one’s.Jesus tells us he who loves his life more than Jesus is not worth of the kingdom.Let us love God more and we will see how gracious he is. When u love someone you will put them first and will do anythng to be with them and making them Happy.Examine yourself do u love God with all your heart ,soul and strength.Oh Lord l pray that we may love you with all our heart and soul,help us to please you oh Lord that we may love you unconditionaly in Jesus name Amen.


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