Knowing Whom You Have Believed

Timothy 1:12 for i know whom l have believed,and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which i have commited unto him against that day.Now pple of God if l ask each 1 of you to describe God you will give me what you think he is to you.Do we know whom we have believed many will say yes but when it comes to praying ,worshiping,praising and honouring God most of us we dnt want to sacrifice our precious time and bodies unto him who created both.Let me tell that God is not just some 1 you go to when you are in troubles.But he is omnipresent,omnipotent,almighty,all powerful and above all gracious.Seek to know him by reading the word ,praying oftenly,singing unto him the more you know him the more he reveals himself to you.Those who know God wl tel u that there is no problem he cannot solve ,no impossibility in him but you nid to believe in him you need to trust him .seek to know more of him each day and you will find that you wl live a joyful and blessed life.Let the Holy Spirit help you to know God allow him to work in you.When you get to know him you wl be confidence that he is able to fix everythng.Create some time with the creator and you will never go wrong .Pray,worship and praise him and he will surely make himself known.Oh Lord l pray that you may give us the grace to know you more so that we may be confident that you are able in Jesus name Amen.

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