My Vision Of Heaven

And the heavens are the works of thine hands.Now as l was praying the other day in my room.My spirit was lifted up into the heavens.l was in shock the atmosphere there was so refreshing and overwhelming.There was a very brilliant hallway covered with gold and the beauty of the place l cant explain for lack of words.Then l saw 2 beautiful angels and we started talking whilst walking together.The angels showed me groups of people worshiping God and with each group the glory (shining light) was different .l was shown many groups but the last group was of angels singing and worshiping and it was very close to the throne of God.Now the brilliance had increased there was glass before his throne it was so clear.Then l was asked to join the angels in worshiping and singing to the Lord as l did so l felt great peace and joy as never b4.Since that day l have changed .Now brethren heaven is real and Jesus is coming with a reward to those who have kept his word and walked right.Oh Lord give us the grace.Amen.

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