Treasures In Heaven

Matthew 6vs20 But lay up 4 urselves,where neither moth or rust doth corrupt,and where thieves do not break through or steal.Nw beloved Jesus here teaches us to store ur treasures in heaven.Hw does one do that?or rather what are treasures that can be stored in heaven?Beloved we can lay up treasures in heaven by1)being faithful to God .this implies praying consistently and serving God only.2)by giving to the poor and the fatherless.3)showing kindness to all 4)loving our neighbours even our enemies.5)helping the weak 6)always put God first.So by doing these thngs in heaven ur treasures and rewards are accumulating so that 1 day wen we go to heaven we wl hev treasures there as well.This also the basis of true christianity and may be defined as living life with open hearts and open hands 4 God showing mercy and kindness in deeds.Rather use what you hev to give to them that do nt hev.Do this and you wl find life going easy 4 you .You wl never lack. Dnt let your heart focus on just getting money 4 urself or storing earthly treasures but let it focus on doing good and the Lord wl reward you.Oh Lord l pray that u may help us to store treasures in Heaven in Jesus name Amen.

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