2Corithians 3vs 17 Now the Lord is that Spirit:and where the Spirit of the Lord is,there is liberty.Oh how l love this part of Scripture .Everyone wants liberty from sickness,poverty.afflication,limitation and every negativity in their lives.l was asking God saying Lord why is it some people are Spirit filled,they speak in tongue and everythng but still there are sick or things are not well with them in some way?Then he said to me son just because people have the Spirit doesnt mean they are liberated but there are evil spirit maybe that have entered before when the person was young.And l said Lord why is it in churches we feel the presence of the Spirit but still we have problems?Then he said to me it is good to do that but in most meeting people dont allow the Spirit to penetrate their whole being thereby liberating them from their problems.The main points l get from this experience is even though the Spirit is present some people still need deliverance and just because we have the Spirit it doesnt mean our faith wont be tested or we dont get challenges.But in all this we should let Jesus be Lord over us and let the Spirit liberate us .Let us be willing to dwell in the Spirit .When the Spirit is there the fruits of the Spirit will be seen and our walk with Christ becomes easier.Try and involve the Spirit in every decision knowing that Jesus Christ in you is that Spirit.Oh Lord l pray that your Spirit may be present in everythng we Do.We allow your Spirit to be with us and liberate us from every power of the enemy .We rebuke everything that causes the Spirit not to move among us in Jesus name Amen.


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