The Little Oil Of Faith.

2 Kings 4 vs 1 -7 Here we find a story of the Prophet who had died and left debts.His wife the came to Elisha the Prophet to seek help and she had a little oil that multiplied and was able to pay all her debts leaving her with extra oil for her own consumption.Now beloved as l began to read this part of scripture l felt the power of God for increase all around me.Now there are many of us who are in debts,some are in need of finances and breakthroughs in life.There are a few points l liked about this woman she was humble enough to go and tell the man of God the story,she was faithful as her husband l suppose and above all she had faith as soon as the man of God gave the instruction she obeyed it and believed it.This shows if we come to God in humility,with Faith,in obedience and believing we will see miracles and experience breakthroughs.Today the Lord gave me the grace to stand as a prophet saying whatever debt you are in will be paid,whatever you have been seeking you wil find,whatever you lack you shall have plenty and whatever crisis receive your breakthrough get hold of this increase annointing in the next week you will receive your miracle.But you should have Jesus and little oil called faith believing is your increasing factor.Total confidence in God’s power to provide for you.Oh Lord l pray that you may do miracles among your people ,as you have shown me increase them Lord in Jesus name Amen.


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