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Do Not Give Up. Be Persistent.

Luke 18 vs 5 Yet this widow troubleth me ,l will avenge her lest by her continual cming she weary me.And shall not God avenge his own elect ,which cry to him day and night .l tell you that he will avenge them quickly.but when the Son of man comes will he find faith on the earth?Now beloved in Luke 18 Jesus teaches on the importance of being persistent .ln the chapter the widow and the judge because the widow kept coming to see the judge the judge finally avenged her adversaries.Now today God’s message to you is dont give up on prayer and supplication.Do not give up press on God will answer you soon and he will fight for you,he will get you out of your troubles and he will solve your situation .Do not give up press forward keep pushing,keep praying and keep believing God will answer you in time.Be persistent he will answer you call on him dont give up.Let us remain focused on God till the end.When the son of man comes will he find you with faith believing God will answer your prayers.Will you continue praying and not be weary till he answers.God answers prayers and dont give up keep believing he will answer.Will God find you persistent and faithful .Dont give up keep praying beloved. Oh Lord give us the grace to call up to you and be persistent in Jesus name Amen.


Power Of Intercession.

1 Timothy 2 vs1 I encourage u that first of all supplications,prayers.intercession and giving of thanks be made for all men.Now beloved here the Apostle Paul mentions 4 kinds of prayer 1)Supplication these are specific request for a specific things its a form of asking God for something expecting to hold it soon.Prayers these are normal prayers includes confessions,adoration and worshing God.3)lntercession are prayers to God for others family members ,nations and other people.4)Giving thanks a prayer of thanksgiving and praising God for what he wil do or has done.Thanking him also signifies faith in him.However many just mix them in one prayer but its different.Today l will talk about the power of intercession .Intercession is praying for others family,church,nation and is very vital to the body of Christ it protects,guides and makes things easier for all of us .When l was a child l would hear my mom pray for all of us during the night and when she was not home l was scared because l knew when she prayed or interceded for us she would mention our name and ask God to protect us.When she was not home l would feel the difference thats when l realized the power of lntercession.When l finally went to college l knew l needed to pray for myself mom is no longer there.l started to pray more and even learnt how to intercede and l tell you it was powerful.l realized if my mom was not praying for me when l was young l would not have been where lam today.lntercession is very important especialy to the church of today lest satan takes advantage of us.We should intercede always for our families,nations and others.l have seen churches,men of God,nations collapse for lack of intercession .Learn to pray for others and you will live a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty.Oh Father we pray that you give us the grace to intercede for others in Jesus name Amen.

Being One With The Lord Part 2

:1 Corithians 6vs 17 But he that is joined unto the Lord is one Spirit.vs 20 For ye are bought with a price glorify God in your body,and in your spirit,which are God’s.This is a very powerful part of scripture.I have been asked many times by people how they can get closer to GOD.l always tell them that its gud that you ask shows you are intrested so its a start.lf you are to experience more of God’s glory in your life you must have that hunger or great desire for the things of GOD.Now because we belong to Christ our bodies and spirits now belong to him.But for us to be joined with the Lord it is only through the Holy Ghost.Before we can be joined to the Lord we should have a relationship with God that is only made possible when we yield and acknowledge the Holy Ghost.When we pray we should always make sure we do so wholeheartedly that way it is easier for our spiritman or innerman to connect with the Holy Ghost then the he will join us to the Lord.This is the highest form of relationship that a believer can have.Remember you are a spirit being because a man is made up of Spirit ,soul and body.So the only way you can be joined to the Lord is when your spirit connects with the Holy Ghost.Jesus says to nicodemus what is born of Spirit is spirit join yourself with the Lord and walk in the Spirit.Now when you joined to the Lord it means you will not make decisions on your own but with GOD,you will walk in the light with him,he will guide you and protect you,his will is your will and you will always enjoy life because he will be with you at all times.OH Lord how we long to be joined to you everday we long to know more about you OH Holy Ghost be with us and lead us today and forever ln JESUS name AMEN.

Being One With the Lord part 1

1 Corithians 6vs 17 But he that is joined unto the Lord is one Spirit.vs 20 For ye are bought with a price glorify God in your body,and in your spirit,which are God’s.For some time nw l have wanted to share this verse with you.l just love the idea of me and the Lord joined together.Now this is the highest form of connection that a believer can have with God.l would say not all people get to the level of being joined with the Lord.Ok let go back to the chapter,the chapter is reminding and scolding believers that were doing sinful things so Paul gives an example of a harlot that he who sleeps with a harlot is one with her and is dead because he sins.On a positive note he says but he who is joined to the Lord is one with him.Now as many of us know that a man consists of body,soul and spirit,so you are the spirit not the body not the soul for you to be called a living being God gave u his spirit.ln other words Apostle Paul is saying if your spirit (man)is joined together with God spirit you have become one with the Lord because originaly God breathed his spirit in you,making you a child of God that he wants you to be.So how then do we join ourselves with the Lord?here are a few pointers.1)receive the Holy Ghost 2)Pray in tongues to edify yourself. 3)Find time to meditate on the scriptures that talk about the subject.4)Allow the HolY Spirit to connect you ,yield unto him,submit unto his power and let him lead you.Pray and ask him to join you with God,have that great desire to be one with him.lam not saying this is a one day thing its a process humble yourself and let the Holy Ghost join you to God.Show your devotion to God and he wil lift you up.When you are one with him you will begin to experience some things you have never seen ,you wil begin to move into the supernatural.You wil experience God at a whole new level.Remember its your spirit being joined with the Holy Ghost you will become one.Oh Lord l pray that we may be joined to you and may you lead us in Jesus name l pray Amen.

Triumphing ln Christ.

2 Corithians 2vs 14 Now thankr be unto God who always causes us to triumph in Christ,and maketh manifest the savor of his knowledge by us in every place.For we are unto God a sweet savor of Christ,in them that are saved and in them that perish.For we are not as many which corrupt the word of God but as of sincerity ,but as of God,in the sight of God speak we in Christ.Now this is a powerful part of scripture in itself.It reminds us that God is the one that causes us to triumph through Christ,without him we dont have victory as children of God if we dont give him the chance to show his glory we may not enjoy victory.When we trust in God and have faith in Christ we will enjoy victory and we will always triumph through Christ.lf we truly believe that Christ is in us and will always be with us we will not see defeat but we will triumph.Remember to the eyes of God we are sweet smelling aroma a fragrance meaning that God is pleased with us and wants us to be close to him and this we can only do through Christ.ln the eyes of God you are righteous,victorious,a winner,annointed,a mighty man ,a light of the world above all God is pleased with you through Christ thats why if you believe in the power of Christ in you you will be victorious always triumphing over your troubles.You carry Christ within you ,you have the power of victory in you.God has loved you and has allowed you to use the power of Christ in you to be victorious and triumphant in all things.All you need to do is trust God and believe that Christ is in you then you will triumph over all troubles and every situation you are facing.God will make you triumph trust in his power to do so.When you understand that you are a sweet aroma to God you will enjoy victory.You are God’s child who speaks in righteousness in the sight of God through Christ .Oh Lord we thank You For making us to triumph in every challenge and we pray that you continue to give us victory through Christ in Jesus name Amen.

Possess Your Possesion in Jesus Name.

1 Kings 22 vs 3 Then the king of Israel said to his officials ”Dont you know that Ramoth Gilead is ours yet we are doing nothing to retake it from the king of Aram?Now beloved today the Lord kept pressing upon my heart this part of scripture.He said tell my people that why do they keep crying everytime to me yet blessings are theirs and l daily load them with benefits.ln this chapter we find the King now telling his officials do you not know that there is a city that we are doing nothing about but its ours.Now remember we are co heirs with Christ and we are children of the Kingdom.So today God is asking do you know you are blessed,you are healed,you are a victor,you are delivered and you are the head not the tail?This is what God whats for us to know our position to know that we are kings and priests and that we have power within us.As in the case of the king of Israel its true that the city was their but it had been stolen by the enemy .lam happy because the story does not end when they realise ramoth gilead is theirs but they said we will go and fight to retake the city.Same as in our cases when we realise we have power in us and we are blessed it does end there its true you are blessed but at times the enemy will hold your blessing and it will seem as God doesnt love you.But as it was with Daniel the Lord heard him the first day but the answer was delayed by principalities(demons,evil spirits)God had answered but it was held ey.Let me tell you that GOD has answered your prayers but they are evil spirits and demons that wants you to think God does not answer prayers. So what you need to do is to keep praying rebuking and casting away everything holding your breakthroughs and answers.Release your blessing today command the enemy,demons and all powers to let loose in Jesus name.Claim what is yours today the blessing have been yours but retake them today rebuke and cast out whatever is holding you down .God loves you and has given you everythng you need both physical and spiritual but the enemy wants you to suffer rebuke him in Jesus name Amen.Father l pray that you release your children from every trouble we come against everything holding our breakthroughs in Jesus name we say let loose of our possesion in Jesus name amen.

Heaven and Eternity

Matthew 16vs 26 For what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world,and lose his own soul?or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?For the Son of man shall come in glory of his father with the angels,and the he shall reward every man according to his works.Oh how l love the scriptures it speaks unto us so clearly.Now beloved these are the words of Jesus himself if our Lord says it profits nothing to gain the earth and lose heaven who are we to say otherwise.These are the words l value most because its strait from him.Now you find that many people have lost it they now think that they are here on earth forever.But let me remind you that there is a God in heaven with the Son waiting for his bride.There is a home made for us not with the hands of man but by the Father who loves us.There mansions ,there is a rest,there is a permanent home and just the joy of seeing the glory of God in heaven is enough.l personaly would want to just meet my king in Heaven and rest with him for eternity.Many of us do not think about eternity but God has given me the grace to see glimpses of heaven and lam here to say you need to lay up treasures for yourself in heaven.To be with God for eternity is the most amazing thing l know as if its not enough to go there Jesus will give rewards to men according to their works.Let me encourage you to work for the Lord do whatever you can to please him day by day.Think about eternity this earth is temporal .Paul says the suffering of this earth can not be compared with the joy that awaits us in heaven.Put God first and your thoughts on him remember without righteousnes no one wil see God.Think about eternity its made for you strive to enter through the narrow gate.Jesus awaits you in heaven do his will and listen to the Holy Spirit he will lead you to Jesus.Oh Father we need your rest .Holy Spirit help us that we may not lose focus of the prize in Jesus name we pray Amen.