Heaven and Eternity

Matthew 16vs 26 For what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world,and lose his own soul?or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?For the Son of man shall come in glory of his father with the angels,and the he shall reward every man according to his works.Oh how l love the scriptures it speaks unto us so clearly.Now beloved these are the words of Jesus himself if our Lord says it profits nothing to gain the earth and lose heaven who are we to say otherwise.These are the words l value most because its strait from him.Now you find that many people have lost it they now think that they are here on earth forever.But let me remind you that there is a God in heaven with the Son waiting for his bride.There is a home made for us not with the hands of man but by the Father who loves us.There mansions ,there is a rest,there is a permanent home and just the joy of seeing the glory of God in heaven is enough.l personaly would want to just meet my king in Heaven and rest with him for eternity.Many of us do not think about eternity but God has given me the grace to see glimpses of heaven and lam here to say you need to lay up treasures for yourself in heaven.To be with God for eternity is the most amazing thing l know as if its not enough to go there Jesus will give rewards to men according to their works.Let me encourage you to work for the Lord do whatever you can to please him day by day.Think about eternity this earth is temporal .Paul says the suffering of this earth can not be compared with the joy that awaits us in heaven.Put God first and your thoughts on him remember without righteousnes no one wil see God.Think about eternity its made for you strive to enter through the narrow gate.Jesus awaits you in heaven do his will and listen to the Holy Spirit he will lead you to Jesus.Oh Father we need your rest .Holy Spirit help us that we may not lose focus of the prize in Jesus name we pray Amen.


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