Possess Your Possesion in Jesus Name.

1 Kings 22 vs 3 Then the king of Israel said to his officials ”Dont you know that Ramoth Gilead is ours yet we are doing nothing to retake it from the king of Aram?Now beloved today the Lord kept pressing upon my heart this part of scripture.He said tell my people that why do they keep crying everytime to me yet blessings are theirs and l daily load them with benefits.ln this chapter we find the King now telling his officials do you not know that there is a city that we are doing nothing about but its ours.Now remember we are co heirs with Christ and we are children of the Kingdom.So today God is asking do you know you are blessed,you are healed,you are a victor,you are delivered and you are the head not the tail?This is what God whats for us to know our position to know that we are kings and priests and that we have power within us.As in the case of the king of Israel its true that the city was their but it had been stolen by the enemy .lam happy because the story does not end when they realise ramoth gilead is theirs but they said we will go and fight to retake the city.Same as in our cases when we realise we have power in us and we are blessed it does end there its true you are blessed but at times the enemy will hold your blessing and it will seem as God doesnt love you.But as it was with Daniel the Lord heard him the first day but the answer was delayed by principalities(demons,evil spirits)God had answered but it was held ey.Let me tell you that GOD has answered your prayers but they are evil spirits and demons that wants you to think God does not answer prayers. So what you need to do is to keep praying rebuking and casting away everything holding your breakthroughs and answers.Release your blessing today command the enemy,demons and all powers to let loose in Jesus name.Claim what is yours today the blessing have been yours but retake them today rebuke and cast out whatever is holding you down .God loves you and has given you everythng you need both physical and spiritual but the enemy wants you to suffer rebuke him in Jesus name Amen.Father l pray that you release your children from every trouble we come against everything holding our breakthroughs in Jesus name we say let loose of our possesion in Jesus name amen.


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