Being One With the Lord part 1

1 Corithians 6vs 17 But he that is joined unto the Lord is one Spirit.vs 20 For ye are bought with a price glorify God in your body,and in your spirit,which are God’s.For some time nw l have wanted to share this verse with you.l just love the idea of me and the Lord joined together.Now this is the highest form of connection that a believer can have with God.l would say not all people get to the level of being joined with the Lord.Ok let go back to the chapter,the chapter is reminding and scolding believers that were doing sinful things so Paul gives an example of a harlot that he who sleeps with a harlot is one with her and is dead because he sins.On a positive note he says but he who is joined to the Lord is one with him.Now as many of us know that a man consists of body,soul and spirit,so you are the spirit not the body not the soul for you to be called a living being God gave u his spirit.ln other words Apostle Paul is saying if your spirit (man)is joined together with God spirit you have become one with the Lord because originaly God breathed his spirit in you,making you a child of God that he wants you to be.So how then do we join ourselves with the Lord?here are a few pointers.1)receive the Holy Ghost 2)Pray in tongues to edify yourself. 3)Find time to meditate on the scriptures that talk about the subject.4)Allow the HolY Spirit to connect you ,yield unto him,submit unto his power and let him lead you.Pray and ask him to join you with God,have that great desire to be one with him.lam not saying this is a one day thing its a process humble yourself and let the Holy Ghost join you to God.Show your devotion to God and he wil lift you up.When you are one with him you will begin to experience some things you have never seen ,you wil begin to move into the supernatural.You wil experience God at a whole new level.Remember its your spirit being joined with the Holy Ghost you will become one.Oh Lord l pray that we may be joined to you and may you lead us in Jesus name l pray Amen.


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