Being One With The Lord Part 2

:1 Corithians 6vs 17 But he that is joined unto the Lord is one Spirit.vs 20 For ye are bought with a price glorify God in your body,and in your spirit,which are God’s.This is a very powerful part of scripture.I have been asked many times by people how they can get closer to GOD.l always tell them that its gud that you ask shows you are intrested so its a start.lf you are to experience more of God’s glory in your life you must have that hunger or great desire for the things of GOD.Now because we belong to Christ our bodies and spirits now belong to him.But for us to be joined with the Lord it is only through the Holy Ghost.Before we can be joined to the Lord we should have a relationship with God that is only made possible when we yield and acknowledge the Holy Ghost.When we pray we should always make sure we do so wholeheartedly that way it is easier for our spiritman or innerman to connect with the Holy Ghost then the he will join us to the Lord.This is the highest form of relationship that a believer can have.Remember you are a spirit being because a man is made up of Spirit ,soul and body.So the only way you can be joined to the Lord is when your spirit connects with the Holy Ghost.Jesus says to nicodemus what is born of Spirit is spirit join yourself with the Lord and walk in the Spirit.Now when you joined to the Lord it means you will not make decisions on your own but with GOD,you will walk in the light with him,he will guide you and protect you,his will is your will and you will always enjoy life because he will be with you at all times.OH Lord how we long to be joined to you everday we long to know more about you OH Holy Ghost be with us and lead us today and forever ln JESUS name AMEN.


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