Power Of Intercession.

1 Timothy 2 vs1 I encourage u that first of all supplications,prayers.intercession and giving of thanks be made for all men.Now beloved here the Apostle Paul mentions 4 kinds of prayer 1)Supplication these are specific request for a specific things its a form of asking God for something expecting to hold it soon.Prayers these are normal prayers includes confessions,adoration and worshing God.3)lntercession are prayers to God for others family members ,nations and other people.4)Giving thanks a prayer of thanksgiving and praising God for what he wil do or has done.Thanking him also signifies faith in him.However many just mix them in one prayer but its different.Today l will talk about the power of intercession .Intercession is praying for others family,church,nation and leaders.lt is very vital to the body of Christ it protects,guides and makes things easier for all of us .When l was a child l would hear my mom pray for all of us during the night and when she was not home l was scared because l knew when she prayed or interceded for us she would mention our name and ask God to protect us.When she was not home l would feel the difference thats when l realized the power of lntercession.When l finally went to college l knew l needed to pray for myself mom is no longer there.l started to pray more and even learnt how to intercede and l tell you it was powerful.l realized if my mom was not praying for me when l was young l would not have been where lam today.lntercession is very important especialy to the church of today lest satan takes advantage of us.We should intercede always for our families,nations and others.l have seen churches,men of God,nations collapse for lack of intercession .Learn to pray for others and you will live a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty.Oh Father we pray that you give us the grace to intercede for others in Jesus name Amen.


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