Do Not Give Up. Be Persistent.

Luke 18 vs 5 Yet this widow troubleth me ,l will avenge her lest by her continual cming she weary me.And shall not God avenge his own elect ,which cry to him day and night .l tell you that he will avenge them quickly.but when the Son of man comes will he find faith on the earth?Now beloved in Luke 18 Jesus teaches on the importance of being persistent .ln the chapter the widow and the judge because the widow kept coming to see the judge the judge finally avenged her adversaries.Now today God’s message to you is dont give up on prayer and supplication.Do not give up press on God will answer you soon and he will fight for you,he will get you out of your troubles and he will solve your situation .Do not give up press forward keep pushing,keep praying and keep believing God will answer you in time.Be persistent he will answer you call on him dont give up.Let us remain focused on God till the end.When the son of man comes will he find you with faith believing God will answer your prayers.Will you continue praying and not be weary till he answers.God answers prayers and dont give up keep believing he will answer.Will God find you persistent and faithful .Dont give up keep praying beloved. Oh Lord give us the grace to call up to you and be persistent in Jesus name Amen.


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