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Greater Is He That Is In You.

1 John 4 vs 4 Ye are of God,little children,and have overcome them:because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.Now this is an intresting part of scripture John was warning the church about the antichrist and what the devil will use to destroy the church.But John assures them that greater is Christ Jesus our Lord who dwells in us to this day.They say Christianity is the only religion where their God lives inside of his people.John tells them that in that exact moment they had overcame for greater is he that is in them,he didnt say you shall overcome he said u hev overcame.Christ has given us the victory and he fought our battles.lts sad to note that these days christians dont seem to be overcomers but rather the opposite they are fearful,weak,unhappy and negativity runs their life.Yet the God who created the heaven and the earth dwells in them.Greater is Jesus who lives in you than any power that is in the world.Nothing will defeat you and bring you down.But although we are over comers it doesn’t mean we dont fall into trouble but it what we do or say wen in trouble that counts.First you must believe it ,believe that Christ dwells in you and you have overcame and you shall be an overcomer.When satan comes to you with sickness,poverty,fear and any trouble remember God dwells in you then with authority say you cant scare me greater is he that is in me than any problem then pray without fear knowing God is able in Jesus name Amen.


Renewing The New Man .

Colossians 3vs10 And have put on the new man which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him (God).Now for days this scripture has been on my heart and l would want to say for you have put on the new man which is to say you have put on a mind that wants to be like Christ everyday or rather you are now spiritual active.Now when we receive Christ it means we are laying aside all things that governed our lives.When you take a bath you dont want to go back to wearing dirty clothes so you put on new ones,but overtimes those that you have put on may get stained or dirty then you must put on some new clean ones.So maybe when you first believed you left all sin,you had faith,you were hungry for God and you were keen on praying and reading the word but overtime it disappeared.Lets look back our verse says the new man is renewed to become more like Christ.When the new man is not renewed it will get stained (sin) and you will lose contact with God.So how then do we renew then new man ok let me give it to you.The more a believer understands,learns,seeks and prays the more he becomes like Christ.To renew the new man we should humble ourselves and seek God.When you pray you should pray in the Spirit so that your body.soul and Spirit will be energised and renewed by Christ.Ask God to renew you each day seek to know more about God the more you know about him the more he reveals himself to you .The new man needs to be constantly renewed until he attains a mature knowledge of God.Every Christian should desire to grow so read the word,pray in the spirit ,sing unto him and he will give you new and fresh annointing each day. oh Lord renew us and revive our spirit so that we may become more like Christ.

Sanctify ln Your Hearts Christ As Lord.

1 Peter 3vs 15 Sanctify in your hearts Christ as Lord.Oh how l everyday long for Christ to be my Lord.When we accept Jesus some just allow him to be their saviour yet he should be Lord.In years past when servants would call someone Lord it meant that they honour that person,respect,love,trust and their livehood is governed by him.I often ask myself is my heart sanctified and is Christ my Lord.Christ should be our Lord meaning we fully surrender to him ,give reverence to him,it means he has ownership of us and every decision we make should be with him.A servant does not worry where food ,drink,clothe and money wl come from but he trusts the Lord will provide like he did to Abraham on Mount moriah the father of faith that trusted and believed his Lord.If we fail to allow Christ to be Lord over us we may not fully experience his presence,power and love.Acknoledge that he is your Lord and sanctify in your heart Christ as Lord the you will see that he is a good Lord that fends for,loves,cares and is able to do what we ask.When we discover and understand that Christ dwells in our hearts it will make us strong,fearless and safe because greater power has the Lord for the Lord will not allow harm,hunger,sorrow and trouble to come to them that give reverence to him.Let Christ be the Lord of your life then he will lead and you follow ,he will intercede,mediate ,answer and guide you today.Everyday l desire and pray that Christ be mx Lord because l dont want to walk alone when Christ is not my Lord then money,sin,the world and other things are my masters and Iord or rather lam my own Lord which is a dangerous thing.I need Jesus to be Lord over me that l may not serve two masters l need Christ as Lord then l will walk in the supernatural staying under the blood where the devil can do me no harm .ls Christ your Lord ?let him be today and you will walk in light things will be easier for the Lord knows them that are his and has put a seal over them .He watches,feeds,loves,show kindnes and mercy to those who call and make him Lord over them.Oh Lord we pray that you be Lord over us and we want to serve you only as Jehovah Adonai our master in Jesus name Amen.

Outpouring Of The Annointing ln Prayer meetings.

Hebrews 10vs 25 Not forsaking or despising the assembling of ourselves together,as some do,but exhorting one another:and so much the more,as ye see the day approaching.Now beloved you and me we are part of the body of Christ ,the body should work together for it to move forward.The body of Christ should gather together to pray,encourage and strengthen each other often.lam not saying you must attend every church service but Jesus teaches us that for where 2 or more are gathered in my name l will be there.What lam saying is you need people whom you pray with who strengthen you and edify you like a prayer partner or something.Why am l saying so?Well some time ago God showed me a vision where l saw people praying in groups some of two’s and some of not more than 10.Then l asked the Lord and said”Lord what does this mean ”?he replied and said”there is going to be a move of God in the world and it will start in people’s houses,there will be an outpouring of the annointing and also the receiving of spiritual gifts that will start when people pray in these small groups seeking more of God deeply ”.Now l wondered and thought through this for some time the the revelation was given to me.The reason why the move of God is starting in groups is churches are under attack frm the devil so the Lord will raise and annoint people in homes and small meeting to save the churches.So brethren l advise you to find prayer groups,partners and cell groups and let the move of God begin.God promised great things through these groups in Jesus name Amen.

Believe ln The God You Carry ln You.

Ephesians 3vs20 Now unto him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think,according to the power that worketh in us.Now beloved many of us have quoted this verse at some and still after confessing it you didnt receive what you were asking.Professing and quoting the word is good but you have to believe every word of it that is to trust in God’s power to provide for you what you seek.This other day l had gone to pray for a family that was facing financial challenges and things where just not working out for them.l prayed with them and when l came back after a few days the situation was now worse l was very hurt then l asked God and l said Lord l have prayed for this family but it didnt work why?Then the Lord said to me son you have done your part .I then said ‘Lord what then shall they do ?The the Lord answered and said if only they could believe in me and the power that l have given them all things will be well for them.The Lord continued and said if the church would only believe and realize the power that is in them to command things into existed.He said lam able to do everything but it takes people who believe that l live in them and people who trust in my power to provide.He said’the church does not know the power it has ,he repeated if only they knew the power the carry in them they will not be crying but they would be praying in faith making things happen.Then l said oh Lord thank you.So church today let me tell you that you carry Christ and his ressurection power that is the Holy Ghost in you.Believe him trust him ,call him today and have faith in him today for he is able to do everything trust him and pray with faith he will answer in Jesus name Amen.