Believe ln The God You Carry ln You.

Ephesians 3vs20 Now unto him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think,according to the power that worketh in us.Now beloved many of us have quoted this verse at some and still after confessing it you didnt receive what you were asking.Professing and quoting the word is good but you have to believe every word of it that is to trust in God’s power to provide for you what you seek.This other day l had gone to pray for a family that was facing financial challenges and things where just not working out for them.l prayed with them and when l came back after a few days the situation was now worse l was very hurt then l asked God and l said Lord l have prayed for this family but it didnt work why?Then the Lord said to me son you have done your part .I then said ‘Lord what then shall they do ?The the Lord answered and said if only they could believe in me and the power that l have given them all things will be well for them.The Lord continued and said if the church would only believe and realize the power that is in them to command things into existed.He said lam able to do everything but it takes people who believe that l live in them and people who trust in my power to provide.He said’the church does not know the power it has ,he repeated if only they knew the power the carry in them they will not be crying but they would be praying in faith making things happen.Then l said oh Lord thank you.So church today let me tell you that you carry Christ and his ressurection power that is the Holy Ghost in you.Believe him trust him ,call him today and have faith in him today for he is able to do everything trust him and pray with faith he will answer in Jesus name Amen.


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