Outpouring Of The Annointing ln Prayer meetings.

Hebrews 10vs 25 Not forsaking or despising the assembling of ourselves together,as some do,but exhorting one another:and so much the more,as ye see the day approaching.Now beloved you and me we are part of the body of Christ ,the body should work together for it to move forward.The body of Christ should gather together to pray,encourage and strengthen each other often.lam not saying you must attend every church service but Jesus teaches us that for where 2 or more are gathered in my name l will be there.What lam saying is you need people whom you pray with who strengthen you and edify you like a prayer partner or something.Why am l saying so?Well some time ago God showed me a vision where l saw people praying in groups some of two’s and some of not more than 10.Then l asked the Lord and said”Lord what does this mean ”?he replied and said”there is going to be a move of God in the world and it will start in people’s houses,there will be an outpouring of the annointing and also the receiving of spiritual gifts that will start when people pray in these small groups seeking more of God deeply ”.Now l wondered and thought through this for some time the the revelation was given to me.The reason why the move of God is starting in groups is churches are under attack frm the devil so the Lord will raise and annoint people in homes and small meeting to save the churches.So brethren l advise you to find prayer groups,partners and cell groups and let the move of God begin.God promised great things through these groups in Jesus name Amen.


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