Sanctify ln Your Hearts Christ As Lord.

1 Peter 3vs 15 Sanctify in your hearts Christ as Lord.Oh how l everyday long for Christ to be my Lord.When we accept Jesus some just allow him to be their saviour yet he should be Lord.In years past when servants would call someone Lord it meant that they honour that person,respect,love,trust and their livehood is governed by him.I often ask myself is my heart sanctified and is Christ my Lord.Christ should be our Lord meaning we fully surrender to him ,give reverence to him,it means he has ownership of us and every decision we make should be with him.A servant does not worry where food ,drink,clothe and money wl come from but he trusts the Lord will provide like he did to Abraham on Mount moriah the father of faith that trusted and believed his Lord.If we fail to allow Christ to be Lord over us we may not fully experience his presence,power and love.Acknoledge that he is your Lord and sanctify in your heart Christ as Lord the you will see that he is a good Lord that fends for,loves,cares and is able to do what we ask.When we discover and understand that Christ dwells in our hearts it will make us strong,fearless and safe because greater power has the Lord for the Lord will not allow harm,hunger,sorrow and trouble to come to them that give reverence to him.Let Christ be the Lord of your life then he will lead and you follow ,he will intercede,mediate ,answer and guide you today.Everyday l desire and pray that Christ be mx Lord because l dont want to walk alone when Christ is not my Lord then money,sin,the world and other things are my masters and Iord or rather lam my own Lord which is a dangerous thing.I need Jesus to be Lord over me that l may not serve two masters l need Christ as Lord then l will walk in the supernatural staying under the blood where the devil can do me no harm .ls Christ your Lord ?let him be today and you will walk in light things will be easier for the Lord knows them that are his and has put a seal over them .He watches,feeds,loves,show kindnes and mercy to those who call and make him Lord over them.Oh Lord we pray that you be Lord over us and we want to serve you only as Jehovah Adonai our master in Jesus name Amen.


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