Renewing The New Man .

Colossians 3vs10 And have put on the new man which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him (God).Now for days this scripture has been on my heart and l would want to say for you have put on the new man which is to say you have put on a mind that wants to be like Christ everyday or rather you are now spiritual active.Now when we receive Christ it means we are laying aside all things that governed our lives.When you take a bath you dont want to go back to wearing dirty clothes so you put on new ones,but overtimes those that you have put on may get stained or dirty then you must put on some new clean ones.So maybe when you first believed you left all sin,you had faith,you were hungry for God and you were keen on praying and reading the word but overtime it disappeared.Lets look back our verse says the new man is renewed to become more like Christ.When the new man is not renewed it will get stained (sin) and you will lose contact with God.So how then do we renew then new man ok let me give it to you.The more a believer understands,learns,seeks and prays the more he becomes like Christ.To renew the new man we should humble ourselves and seek God.When you pray you should pray in the Spirit so that your body.soul and Spirit will be energised and renewed by Christ.Ask God to renew you each day seek to know more about God the more you know about him the more he reveals himself to you .The new man needs to be constantly renewed until he attains a mature knowledge of God.Every Christian should desire to grow so read the word,pray in the spirit ,sing unto him and he will give you new and fresh annointing each day. oh Lord renew us and revive our spirit so that we may become more like Christ.


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