Greater Is He That Is In You.

1 John 4 vs 4 Ye are of God,little children,and have overcome them:because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.Now this is an intresting part of scripture John was warning the church about the antichrist and what the devil will use to destroy the church.But John assures them that greater is Christ Jesus our Lord who dwells in us to this day.They say Christianity is the only religion where their God lives inside of his people.John tells them that in that exact moment they had overcame for greater is he that is in them,he didnt say you shall overcome he said u hev overcame.Christ has given us the victory and he fought our battles.lts sad to note that these days christians dont seem to be overcomers but rather the opposite they are fearful,weak,unhappy and negativity runs their life.Yet the God who created the heaven and the earth dwells in them.Greater is Jesus who lives in you than any power that is in the world.Nothing will defeat you and bring you down.But although we are over comers it doesn’t mean we dont fall into trouble but it what we do or say wen in trouble that counts.First you must believe it ,believe that Christ dwells in you and you have overcame and you shall be an overcomer.When satan comes to you with sickness,poverty,fear and any trouble remember God dwells in you then with authority say you cant scare me greater is he that is in me than any problem then pray without fear knowing God is able in Jesus name Amen.


One response to “Greater Is He That Is In You.”

  1. Bridgete FMpofu says :

    Amen pastor. This is very true uf God is for us who cn be against us….

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