How To Hear The Voice of God.

Galatians 4 vs 6 Because you are sons,God sent the Spirit of his son into our hearts the spirit who calls out ABBA Father.Romans 8 vs 14 those who are led by the Spirit are the sons of God.Now beloved we are children of God his spirit lives in us and he wants to lead us into all truth.The scripture says the spirit in us calls out abba father that is not all he says he can say and address any issue in your life if you let him.Now for some time nw l received many texts people wanting to hear the voice of God which is a gd thing thats why by the grace of God have put down a few points to help you hear God l believe anyone can hear God.Right what happens is when u hear God u may nt hear him with ur ears like audibly thats what many pple think u hear God frm the heart nt the ears.When l started hearing God l would pray very hard for 30mins to an hour in tongues then l would lay on the floor to listen to the still small voice in my heart at first he would just say l love u my son them over time of doing that l would then ask him anythng and he wl answer.l used to want to hear an audible voice though its fantastic but its not for everyone whats for everyone is the Holy spirit that dwells in us he wants to talk to us and lead us.The most important thing when hearing God is faith if you believe that it is God talking to you then its him if u doubt it may not be him.The reason why l started by praying then listen is to avoid thoughts and distraction also chasing away evil spirits so after an hour of prayer my spirit will be strong and ready to listen.As u grow in prayer,meditation,the word and worship it will be easier to hear God.Any person can hear God speak to them it takes faith,hope and love.Faith to hear his voice ,the hope of glory that is Christ and also the love for God.lf you love God you will have a relationship with him which starts by prayer ,meditation and worship thru singing.It doesnt mean you have to speak in tongues to hear God though its important but first acknowledge that he lives in you and he wants to speak to you and he will.When you seek to know more about him he reveals himself to you.Cultivate a habit of listening to your heart with faith the more you do it the more you hear him it will become so transparent.You can take the approach l took or you can find another way but remember you hear through the heart with faith.Listen to your heart at first it may seem like your imagination but with time and with faith it grows to be clear.Oh Father l pray that you speak to the church 2day and give us the grace to hear you AMEN.


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