For When lam Weak Thats When lam Strong in Christ.

2 corithians 12 vs 9-10 Therefore l will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses ,so that Christ power may rest on me .That is why for Christ sake l delight in weaknesses,in insults ,in persecutions,in difficulties.For when lam weak then lam strong.Now beloved this is a touching part of scripture Paul was being assured of God’s grace though painful he was happy in the end he was victorious.Now its very hard to say you are strong when you know you are weak Paul says lam strong in my weakness so that the power of Christ may rest on me.Paul learnt to be content ,l know that you have been taught to say lam strong but how do you do it well it does not end there brethren Paul surrendered all to Christ the secret to being happy ,strong and every positive thing is surrendering all to Christ with faith,trusting God will see you through.To be content you have to be trusting in God knowing that you are a child of God and Christ lives in you and he will fulfill his promises.Have faith and trust God then you can say you are strong in weaknesses.Seek more of Christ and when you are full in Christ indeed you will be content.The other thing is when we know the will of God for our lives we will be content and even boast more gladly in weakness and God power will rest on us.When you do declarations make sure you say in Christ for God’s promises are fulfilled in Christ .Without Christ even if you say you are rich without saying in Christ its just a positive thought which is good but what is powerful is through Christ.Rather say lam rich through Christ.Christ is the key of our contentment and easeness even in trouble.God’s promises are through Christ so seek to be in Christ,walk with him ,be immersed in him then you will glory in weakness and receive God’s promises.Seek also to know God’s will for your life in Jesus name Amen.


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