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A Relationship With God.

Ephesians 4vs 13 Until we all become united in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature,attaining to the whole measure of Christ.Then we will no longer be children tossed back and forth by every teaching of men.Now this is a powerful part of scripture that every child of God needs to survive.l think one of the first sermon l preached was every Christian should have a relationship with God the father ,the son and the Holy Spirit especially for he lives in us.lts not enough to just read the word and know we are heirs and co-heirs with Christ then we just relax.The fact that God chose to dwell in us and not in animals is evidence already that he wants a relationship with us based on unity,trust ,faith and love.God is our father thats why he requires us to come to him with every burden and sometimes he just wants us to just talk to him even in any place.l remember when l had a tight schedule at work l would pray while walking to work because l could start my day without saying good morning God the father,son and Holy Spirit.Now for any relationship to be there action is needed if you dont take time to talk to God and come to the knowledge of him they will be know relationship,to start talking,praying or listening to the Holy Spirit you need faith first that there is a God who loves me ,my father and that hears and answers my prayer.The best way to establish a relationship that last in not to ask first but rather just come into his presence in humility,faith and believing prayer.Worship and honour him more than you ask of him then after some time of doing this your spirit man will adjust and it becomes part of you to love and honour God then he will make you grow in faith and become mature that you may not be deceived by some teachings because you know him you have been with him in Jesus name l pray Amen.


Don’t Lose Hope

Romans 5 v7 5 And hope does not dissapoint,For God has poured his love in our heart through the Holy spirit he has given us.Over the years l have seen people losing hope and some have even lost their faith in Jesus Christ .Their hope of good things has been lost .There is an old saying that is used in Africa they say it is hard like being a christian of which it is not true .If your Christianity is based on wanting to gain something from God then you might be wrong the bible says seek ye first the kingdom and righteousness and everything else will be added unto us.Now going back to the issue of hope don’t lose hope your time is coming and God will answer your prayers.Losing hope is not of God and some people even say the answer of God tarries but thats not entirely true .When you believe and ask the will of God to be done in your life.You must not lose hope my brother and my sister God will answer your prayers.lf your answer from God is tarrying you might want to apply ephesians 6 put on the whole armour of God because its most likely that God has released you but the enemy has stolen your blessing and what he want you to do is to lose faith and hope,why because the bible says the just shall live by faith.Don’t lose hope God loves you and through Christ begin to claim your blessings,seek and trust God first and everthing shall be added unto you keep believing your testimony is coming soon dont lose hope .