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Seek Ye First(Experience God)

Matthew 6 vs 33 But seek ye first the kingdom and his righteousness and everythng shall be added unto you.l now believe if you seek Jesus first you will have a testimony.I woke up in the morning with this words in my mouth the words were we worship God,we know God and we know abt God but have we ever experienced God.l was baffled for a while by those words and then l realised it is true and remembering the dialogue l heard with my brother about a man who was a christian for more than a year but had no testimony of when God answered his prayer.Then it got me thinking that we have over emphasised subject like faith,the scriptures,sin,prosperity and grace and yet we neglect the person of Christ Jesus born of a virgin and who is able to heal,deliver,prosper and make us victors.lf we keep neglecting Christ and the Holy Ghost we will not experience breakthroughs and we wont have testimonies.Finally it was clear to me the reason why we havent experienced God is we have neglected the sacrifice he made for us by giving up his son for us.We have not experienced God because we dont go to him through Jesus the way the truth and the life.We have not experienced God because we dont allow Christ to dwell in our hearts.As long as we dont talk about Jesus we wont see more of God or experience him .Jesus is the only way seek ye first the kingdom and you wil experience God.Let Jesus b your Lord let him lead you he is the way.ln the name of Jesus Amen