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Freedom and Healing from Emotional Pain Part 2

The bible tells us of a man called Isaac he had 2 sons but of the Jacob and Esau of the two he loved and favored Esau as a result the mother and Jacob were also close. This lack of good parental guidance the two sons became divided and Jacob stole the blessing of his brother Esau. Although God had destined it that it was a dysfunctional family with favoritisms and hate was created.
Like many of us we come from families divided very dysfunctional .I have found that the most common pain in the inside is father issues most fathers were not there or are not there for their children. Growing up without a father or with an always unavailable father affects almost every one of us it may be early in our lives or later on in our lives it will still affect us .We need father figures in our lives ,father pain can as well be the hardest for people to get healed from why because many of us deny it that our fathers wounded us we just needed them to be there .
As we mentioned in the previous part of this series the first part in inner peace and healing is to identify the cause of your pain why are you in pain what caused the pain. I once met this girl I had a word of knowledge and I told her that you lack fatherly love she denied it even rebuked me saying I actually have too much of fatherly love but as time went on she began to see that although her father seemed to be there for her physically he was not really there emotionally and he traveled a lot she thought love was just her father buying things for her well it’s not the case her father had hurt her in so many ways. From there I prayed with her and showed her a father that’s always there.
Almost every one of us have father pain we need to be healed from this kind of pain ,many of us are angry and are not on talking terms with our fathers. We need to release our fathers, mothers and guardians forgive them for hurting us .Most of it we may not even remember why we are angry or in pain. Let it go all that pain say I surrender I let go of all pains of the past I forgive my father I let him off the hook today I say be my father oh God and heal me of all pain today.
Take a moment be quiet before God think of all those that hurt you just let it go ask the Holy Spirit to heal you .It may help to write some of the people that hurt you down and the things you need to be healed from sign your name and release say I let go right now in Jesus name tear the paper or burn it believe that you have forgiven and God has healed you .Talk to him as your father tell him of all that bothers you he is a better father that won’t disappoint you .If father is still alive go see them tell them you love them.0


Freedom and Healing from emotional pain part1

The bible tells us that where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, but sadly we see many Christians that are not free yet they declare themselves to be Christians .Freedom from sin and from pain is essential to every member of the body of Christ.
When Jesus saw the paralytic man that was let down from the roof by his friends and landed at the feet of Jesus ,he said to the man your sins are forgiven .This shows the sickness of the man can be linked to his sins he might have felt unworthy of healing because of sins of the past yet Jesus releases him from that pain caused by sin.
Many of us we may not admit it but we are in pain in our lives we need healing ,we need to be healed maybe from physical pain or emotional pain .We need healing almost every one of us feel this pain in our bodies and in our hearts. If the pain is not addressed in one way or the other it will consume us we may even die from emotional pain alone not to mention the physical pain.
Most of our diseases begin as emotional pain things like blood pressure leading to stroke comes from inward pain hidden and meditated upon for years until it manifests in the physical. Until the cause of the pain is identified and dealt with we may not be able to move forward.
Some of us have tried and have managed to shield the pain to make a mask somehow to cover the pain we have .No matter how hard we may try when we find ourselves alone and on our own we begin to feel sad and in need of company that may soothe the pain for a while. It is when we are alone we feel the most pain we are more vulnerable and prone to attacks of the enemy.
First step in dealing with your pain is for you to reflect on your past and try to identify the area that you think maybe the cause of your pain ,The cause of pain differ from each person some come from lack of fatherly love ,some come from unanswered prayers and some came from the people we loved that hurt us the bottom line is almost all of us have this pain and we feel it every day we know we need freedom and healing from emotional pain.
Oh LORD today help us to identify the area that we have pain help us to discern that which is good and that which wishes to cause us pain. Reveal to us that which keeps bringing us down like the apostle Paul says get read of the things that easily entangle us .Show us our pain for your light examines even the things hidden deep down our souls.
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